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Title: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: Carzee on September 17, 2019, 07:06:52 PM
My 3 sons have a Perentie FFR each now. James has just purchased his first Land rover, and it is a "project" from a mexican who kindly arranged a trailer and a TLC to get it up the Hume to Dad's driveway. The things that happen when I am busy with other things.

The project was a FFR auctioned in 2013, ARN 50-203. Same month production as his Steven's FFR and ours.

The vehicle has no rego at all and will have to pass a government new rego inspection and all that implies. The Compliance plate says 2 seats for a start. The rear airlift chassis extensions may have to be amputated. The end of the exhaust pipe will have to point to the rear, not the side. No doubt there will be other details and expenses.

50-203 was painted up by the original buyer to advertise a new flavour tea or something in Melbourne, then on sold or auctioned off again to a mining outfit, then sold off and purchased by a well known LR owner in Victoria. The last owner installed a defender wagon rear tub and roof. And painted it. And installed power steering. The windscreen, seatbox, firewall and all the front end is the original FFR. Door rubbers, other trim parts and a spare gearbox were also in the bundle deal.

At this point we do not know how the engine runs or the drivetrain condition because the fuel tank, sedimenter and lines are not connected. The original Perentie tank is stashed inside the vehicle and will probably be the first fix. And its a problem. The spare tyre winch has been removed but not the chassis bracket for the winch. Do we buy a used LR wagon tank? Do we have a custom tank and brackets made? The original seatbox and tank brackets are all in situ and could accommodate the original tank.... but how would you fill it?

The transmission tunnel cover is not installed and I haven't seen it as yet. There is a rusty bit on the edge of the firewall under the pedalbox that will have to be fixed.

Defender seats are on the seatbox but I don't think they are legal. Perhaps we will have to find a pair of seats. The rear wagon seats are installed. The roof lining over the front seats is missing but the roof lining over the center and rear is installed.

Battery, electric loom, alternator, radiator, dash, instruments, heater, wipers, horn, brakes and hydraulics, handbrake, running gear, all unknown condition. There are wing, door and other dents. The chassis has seen better times....

In other words, James will be getting some Land Rover education. Could be a really good thing. James is an electrical apprentice. 2020 is his final year. James wants to use the Landy as a work vehicle with a rack for a ladder at a minimum.

I do not know just how long this project will take to see its first visit to Corowa.

As it happens, the first Defentie we saw on REMLR, done by Dervish in 2014 when he was at KLR, is currently here in Canberra as well. And thats really excellent luck. See
Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: Dervish on September 17, 2019, 09:36:11 PM
I'm glad to see this went to a good home, I remember seeing it on Gumtree and thinking it was a good deal. It should be a great project. I ended up in Sydney last weekend and I'm overseas with work from tomorrow until the 27th, but if the weekend of the 28th suits I'll drop in and you can crawl all over my wagon.

I really should fix the images on the thread you've linked to. I've put some pictures up of my fuel tank as I was trying to describe on the phone the other day but you can have a better look soon.

Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: seriesworkshop on September 22, 2019, 07:53:02 PM
Gday Carzee that wagon was owned by me before the well known chap in Victoria,it was painted yellow with a red poly canopy and features some were on Remlr .It had been driven on mine sites and a mushroom farm hence the chassis having some sort of corrosion,It did drive but i started to sell off parts the FFR tub went to a bloke in Victoria, bull bar to  Qld. I handed in its number plate and found it had been registered as a Range Rover .iI hope this helps with some more history for your wagon ,donít hesitate to ask me any more questions.Regards  Tony..series workshop.
Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: Carzee on September 24, 2019, 01:28:31 PM
Hi Tony, thanks for the info. Interesting!

So far I have found a thread with a photo in Adelaide by Scott N.,
Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: Minikeg on October 06, 2019, 01:25:22 AM
Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: seriesworkshop on March 25, 2020, 10:29:56 PM
Gday Carzee just wondering how your sons are getting on with their wagon.
Title: Re: Defentie (wgn body on 110)
Post by: Minikeg on April 05, 2020, 12:24:33 PM
Its currently on hold as his financial situation changed  :-\