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Title: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: too-ay on April 28, 2019, 09:38:23 PM
Hello All,

Hoping someone can help me with my first Landy purchase of a Series 2a ex-mil 109.

Hoping I can find something that is either going, or I can get going without much fuss, ie, not having to pull apart and repair chassis or footwells etc. Need this so I knock over a few things around/on the house that my sedan won't do. Once house is done, I can look at spending time on appearance of the vehicle, setting it up for touring etc.

I like the suspension mods, dual tanks etc, and love the styling (split windows, metal dash, inboard lights) of the early 2a, and want to get it on historic rego to keep costs down. Any config (GS/FFR/workshop/panel etc) would be fine as long as no welding to get it registered as I am not really setup for that yet (proper shed setup happens after the house).

I am located in Western Sydney and ideally the vehicle would be within in a few hours travel, and though I am not restricting myself to NSW for the right vehicle, the added cost of shipping might do that.

I like to think I look after my vehicles fairly well, so if you have something you are looking to move on, or know someone who is, it will be well looked after.

Please PM me some details, pics if you have some. If you prefer you can PM your number and I can call you.

Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: 303Gunner on April 29, 2019, 10:14:38 AM
Well, at least you're open and up front about it.

You want some else to find a restored and running 50 year old vehicle for you to use as a builder's truck and then convert to a camper, with no regard for the history of the vehicle or the servicemen that used it, and want to rort the Conditional Rego scheme to do it.

This is the forum for that. You should get lots of responses offering you wide a choice of vehicles, I should think.
Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: too-ay on April 29, 2019, 08:09:44 PM
Apologies if I have offended, not my intention at all.

Not asking anyone to knock on doors for me, have been looking in the usual online places, but not having much luck so far. Was hoping that someone might have a contact that is all. Yes, I would like to use it as a ute, but nowhere did I mention I was going to cut it up to do so. It would be my second vehicle, there is no rorting going on in regards to the historic registration as I would be using it less than the 60 something days per year, and I don't intend to put a turbo engine and oversize wheels in it etc. I would like to tour in it later on, but again would look to keep the original integrity of the vehicle. As I mentioned I look after my vehicles and would like to think that it would be in a better position than one that may not currently have an active guardian.

Yes I have been upfront but that is because I don't want to waste anyone's time in having them respond and then find out that I am not looking to do a museum-style rebuild. After seeing your response I see that in being upfront I may have upset you. Like I said, apologies if I have offended.
Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: Mick on April 29, 2019, 08:28:25 PM

G'day Mate,

I like most blokes on this forum are all about saving these vehicles and particilularly with the older series LR's preserving them and hopefully returning them back to there service condition.

Thanks for putting your plan out there however personally I wouldn't be of any help.



Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: THE BOOGER on May 01, 2019, 09:35:12 AM
The historic rego may be some problem as you do have to make at least some effort to make or keep it original this is policed by which ever club you belong to. Most of the veh on this forum are keep as close to in service condition as possible but we do have a small modified area.
Are you after an Xmil veh or would any series 2a do gum tree would be best for finding what you want the we can help with specific info regarding the military history or specs :)
Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: too-ay on May 01, 2019, 11:22:08 PM
Thanks for the post.

I do understand about the non-modded side of the historic rego, a friend has his HR set up on it. Maybe my mention of "setting it up for touring" may have set off some alarm bells, but to give you an idea I was thinking of (temporarily) placing a hard top on it (if it is a GS/FFR etc), adding a hidden tank for water etc. I am not thinking of adding a pop-top camper conversion, aircon etc, a la youtube expedition defender builds, it'd be a basic setup, only needs to carry myself and the dog. If I did have to do something that didn't fit in with the original spec of the vehicle it would be temporary and reversible, example Perentie seats. (My brother works for the railways and when we were out at Minto he recognised the seats as being from the same company that does train drivers seats, so agrees they would be comfortable on long  journeys.) And if that, or the length of the journey meant I had to go off historic rego once I am ready to tour, then so be it.

I would rather hold out for an ex-mil 2a as it seems to be the better set-up, pre-modded I guess with the heavier duty / longer travel suspension, and duel fuel tanks, jerry can holders, brush bar etc. I don't think I need to list all the improvements to you, you will know more than I... :)  I will keep looking on gumtree, and will come back for more info once I have one.

Btw, I have been coming and reading info here on and off over the past couple of years, great info on the different LRs and variants. Easy to go down the rabbit hole and  "waste" a few hours on the main site. Thanks for all the time you have all put in.
Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: brettwild on May 04, 2019, 10:30:54 AM
Hi I have a number of series 2 and 3 some military some not. Located hunter valley call Brett 0488 255 666
Title: Re: 2a ex-mil 109 - Sydney
Post by: too-ay on May 12, 2019, 06:20:11 PM
Hi Brett,

Thanks for the reply. Have managed to finalise on one over the weekend, a std/civy model that has already been upgraded with dual tanks, brush bar and a few other things, been hiding in a dry shed for the last 25 years.

Thanks everyone.