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Title: Mod Numbers
Post by: David on December 10, 2018, 09:11:13 PM
Does anyone have a list of what the 49 different mod numbers mean on different variants?
Just out of interest I would like to know what they mean on my Perentie RFSV.
It would also be interesting to see why they differ on different RFSV's 
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: 303Gunner on December 10, 2018, 10:40:34 PM
Partial list here:

Same jobs on 4x4 or 6x6 can mean different numbers on the mod plate.
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: David on December 11, 2018, 01:10:24 PM
Below is a list for the 4x4 based on the data from the AFM links that may interest some Perentie Owners

Land Rover 110 Perentie 4x 4 Modification Plate Number Index
No   Modification

01   VEH-G187-15-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Replacement-of-24V-Power-Distribution-Box-Cables; or VEH-G197-1-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Stowage-Bin-Drain-Holes
02   VEH-G187-14-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Rewiring-of-28V-Voltmeter-Circuit; or VEH-G197-2-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Dimming-of-Map-Light
03   VEH-G197-11-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-Elbow-to-Transmission-Differential-Lock-Control-Valve
04   VEH-G197-3-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-Countersunk-Screws-to-Winch-Gaurd
05   VEH-G197-4-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-TransferCase-Caution-decal
06   VEH-G197-5-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-Heater-Cable-Securing-Straps
07   VEH-G197-6-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-Of-the-Steering-Protection-Plate
08   ??
09   VEH-G197-8-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Sltting-of-the-Brake-Caliper-feed-line-Retaining-bracket
10   VEH-G197-7-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fusing-of-additional-circuits
11   VEH-G197-10-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Replacmnet-of-the-Map-Light-securing-clip
12   VEH-G107-2-Land-Rover-110-4x4-Roll-over-protection-and-fitting-of-head-restraints-Modification-Instruction or VEH G117-1-Roll Over Protection and Fitting of Head Restraints (FFR) or VEH G137-1-Fitting of Roll Over
             Protection and Head Restraints (RFSV/SV)
13   VEH G117-2-Relocation of Raven Radio Frame Mounting (FFR)
14   VEH-G187-2-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-Mudgaurd-Reinforcement-Plates
15   VEH-G187-3-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-an-Extra-Earth-Strap
16   VEH-G187-4-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-Spot-Mirrors
17   VEH-G187-5-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-Instrument-Blackout-Cover
18   VEH-G197-12-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-Lashing-Rings
19   VEH G117-3-Number Plate Light Protection (FFR)
20   ??
21   VEH-G187-6-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitment-of-External-Bonnet-Release
22   VEH-G187-7-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Air-Cleaner-Bracket-Mounting
23   VEH-G107-3-Land-Rover-110-4x4-Cargo-Fitting-of-stretcher-clamps (GS)
24   VEH-G187-8-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Rework-of-the-Winch-Drum-Grooves
25   VEH-G197-13-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-Coil-Spring-Retainers
26   VEH-G187-9-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Repositioning-of-the-Air-Inlet-Hose-and-Rear-Axle-Breather
27   VEH-G197-14-Land-Rover-110-4x4-all-types-Repair-of-Manual-Steering-Box-Sector-Shaft-End-Float
28   VEH G137-2 Relocation of The Fuse Box (RFSV/SV)
29   VEH-G187-10-Land-Rover-110-All-types-Fitting-of-Seat-Blet-Protector-Sleeve
30   VEH-G187-13-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Fitting-of-Trailer-Safety-Chain-Brackets
31   VEH-G187-16-Land-Rover-110-all-types-Conversion-from-Oil-filled-to-Grease-filled-Swivel-pin-housings
32   VEH-G187-12-LandRover-all-types-Strengthening-of-Bonnet-Stay
33   ??
34   VEH G137-8 Fitting Instructions for Upgraded Wiring Loom (Version 2) To ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor)  (RFSV/SV)
35   VEH G117-7-Preparation of RH Bracket and Bumper Assembly for Fitting of Mast Antenna GP AB-F300 (FFR) or VEH G137-4 Fitting Instructions for The ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor (RFSV/SV)
36   VEH-G197-15-LandRover-110-4x4-all-types-Fitting-of-Windscreen-Washer-Nozzle-Gaurd
37   VEH G117-8-Preparation for Installation of Bcss Equipment (FFR)
38   ??
39   ??
40   ??
41   ??
42   ??
43   ??
44   ??
45   ??
46   ??
47   ??
48   ??
49    ??
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: 303Gunner on December 11, 2018, 01:47:54 PM
But note that the VEH G- numbers do not directly correlate to the number on the Mod Plate. You need to read each individual EMEI to discover which number is to be obliterated following the mod. Note too that some mods dictate different numbers to be obliterated for the 4x4 or 6x6.

For example, VEH G187-10 obliterates number 29 on a 4x4, and number 31 on a 6x6.

You need to change your 01 to 49 list between 4x4 and 6x6!
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: David on December 11, 2018, 01:53:11 PM
But note that the VEH G- numbers do not directly correlate to the number on the Mod Plate

Thanks 303Gunner, it took me a while to work this out, but I did take this into account in the list above, as an example you will see on my list Mod no 29 shows VEH-G187-10-Land-Rover-110-All-types-Fitting-of-Seat-Belt-Protector-Sleeve next to it
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: Barefoot dave on December 12, 2018, 10:53:42 PM
G'day David.
It's a bit of a process ,eh mate?
Took me a couple of days to create the list in my buyers guide.
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: David on December 13, 2018, 01:42:09 PM
It's a bit of a process ,eh mate?

Barefoot Dave, I am having gap years so if I wasn't so tight with my cash and never had the time I would have got your guide, it sounds like it is a good knowledge source.  There are many tricks for new buyers I am only just coming across several years later such as the Perentie Handbook saying that the swivel hubs take oil and the later amendments showing they changed to use grease on many vehicles (Mod 31 marked on a 4x4).
Buyers also need to be aware the mod plate shouldn't be read as gospel.  As one example mine shows on the mod plate it hasn't been modded to have the fuse box relocated and changed to blade fuses, but it has.

cheers Dave
Title: Re: Mod Numbers
Post by: Hell-Fire on December 17, 2018, 09:01:16 PM

I would have to double check but I think my RFSV does not have the Mod plate done for the fuse box relocation either but it mentions it being done in the log book. (which it has been)