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Title: Restoration queries.........
Post by: Mattrensa on November 22, 2018, 03:51:22 AM
Hi all, just started the winter restoration of my S2a 88" GS, doing ground up resto and have found some really interesting and very confusing things under the paint and wondered if anyone here can help.
Firstly she came to UK in the 1980's via Singapore ex NZ Army S2a 88", however the data plate states year of manufacture as 1962...hmm they didn't have them in 1962 but the plate is BLMC NZ Ltd.....
Secondly under all the the olive drab paint we have found DBG paint, the chassis and cross members are the original ones and she has the Command Recce type rear cross member.
On the bulkhead facing into the cab we found an old sticker that had been over painted so much we didnt even know it was there - not sure if this is a later sticker or original to her manufacture, have only uncovered half of it so far and think it says WARNING DO-NOT ENGAGE XXXXX IN LOW XXXXX WHILE VEHICLE IS IN MOVEMENT (?)

And finally we found 592 painted on to the nearside chassis rail any idea what this number could mean?? could it be part of its original ARN??? have tried to uplaod photos so hope it helps.

Did any CR's get rebuilt to GS spec during their service? we can see from one point in her career that she has had a front end accident and we know the front panels and bulk head have been changed and there is slight bending of the chassis, nothing drastic or structural but still visable.
Title: Re: Restoration queries.........
Post by: Richard Farrant on November 22, 2018, 05:44:47 AM
This might explain the BLMC NZ plate, it seems they re-manufactured the vehicles on their return from ANZUK service in Singapore"

Found on a website:
The brand new Zealand Army purchased 640 associated with Australian-made series 1 between 1951-1953. A similar wide range of series 2 are bought in 1959-1962 and a small group of series 2A in 1965-1967. New Zealand bought a small number of ex-Australian show 2 and 2A vehicles in 1971-72, from the pool utilized by the ANZUK force in Singapore, of typically re-manufactured by BLMC NZ Ltd in Wellington thus bring Brand new Zealand build plates. These are commonly labeled as a Land Rover "Skippy" and generally are distinctive with differently cut guards. 566 associated with the show 3, mostly 109" V8.s, are bought in 1982-83 and as of 2012 around 320 of these remain in services.
What Land-Rovers?

Facts at this stage suggests the NZ military introduced 640 show 1 80" Land-Rovers between 1951-53.

Upcoming ended up being a group of Series 2 109" in 1959-62, some installed with welders, generators, cranes, etc.

There have been a few ahead settings introduced through the 1960's for assessment.

There was the first batch of Series 2A 88" and 109" between 1965-67.
NZ Land-Rover Show 2A Ton FFW
NZ Land-Rover Series 2A Ton 106RCL

The Australian Army offered some made use of 109" Land-Rovers around 1970-72. This group came to exist mainly through ANZUK detachments in bases such as Singapore.

a group of mainly 88" show 2A came into the newest Zealand Army direct from Australian military in 1970-71. These are typically known to Kiwis as "Skippys" and unique making use of their "slashed guards". However a few of these seem to have been built in NZ, and not ex Australia.
AM's NZ Land-Rover Show 2A Great Deal Skippy

Title: Re: Restoration queries.........
Post by: mike_k on November 22, 2018, 01:49:22 PM

Do you have the chassis number for the vehicle, let us know, and we can check the records.

All of the Australian 2A 1/4 ton vehicles were built from 1963 onwards, if your vehicle is a CR, it should have been built in 1959.

Easy to tell though, all of the CRs had a standard chassis, as per civilian spec, without the raised spring hangers.

It is possible that your vehicle may not have its original cross member?

The Warning placard is one of these, they were originally fitted at the factory when the vehicles were new.

Sorry, I don't really know how the BMLC NZ plate happened, possibly when it was purchased by the Kiwis?

Let us know what else you find, a rare vehicle in the UK!
Title: Re: Restoration queries.........
Post by: Mattrensa on November 22, 2018, 06:46:21 PM
Thanks Richard and Mike, will get chassis number, but have chcked before man years ago and couldn't find it listed.
The chassis does look like a CR standard civvy one. If anyone knows or has seen a nmber painted on a chassis similar to above it would be great, it was under all the old treatment/wax oil etc and paint, again would never of found it if we hadn't removed everything and jet washed the chassis.

Could 592 be the last 3 digits of its reg number?
Title: Re: Restoration queries.........
Post by: mike_k on November 22, 2018, 09:14:51 PM
No problem Mattrensa,

Does the vehicle have any of its original placards left?

If it was an Australian CR, it would have had one of these Nomenclature plates covering the opening for the Left hand drive steering column on the bulkhead.

The repair plate was usually on the engine side of the bulkhead on the CR.

The 2A had the nomenclature plate in the same place as the CR.
Title: Re: Restoration queries.........
Post by: Mattrensa on November 24, 2018, 10:50:58 AM
Thanks for the information already supplied, will post chassis number data plate photo when back home on Sunday, but if anyone else who is/has viewed this post has any idea on the relevance of the 592 stencilled on the chassis rail would be great if it's linked to the last 3 digits of its service registration number, cheers for now Matt.