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Title: Three Pin Plugs
Post by: STDDIVER on October 22, 2018, 04:35:46 PM
Dear All - Purchased a 24v mini boiler for the FFR- new item and was keen to wire it up but alas- the genie that stops you wiring things up easily has shown up!  The problem is ... the three pin fitting the device comes with is just marginally smaller than the original fitting on the mini boiler it does not fit!  No way will they go together!  Pins the same Yes!  Outside diameter is different.  Fittings are new with NSN number for the plug.  Chasing the NSN for the three pin for the boiler!   Any ideas?    STDDIVER

Title: Re: Three Pin Plugs
Post by: kman on October 22, 2018, 04:58:12 PM
Saw these for sale from the disposal store. Looked pretty good but they do draw a lot of current and take quite a while to boil water so I decided to stick with the el-cheapo gas units. Be interested to hear how it goes once you have it hooked up.

You can probably find the right plug at Element14 on line. Your other option would be to replace the connector that is on it with one that suits or something for which you can easily get a matching plug.

Title: Re: Three Pin Plugs
Post by: 303Gunner on October 22, 2018, 10:36:22 PM
I purchased one of those heaters direct from the States on E-bay for US$45, but then to source the plug itself was half the price again. Plug size is 16-10S.

There two types of these heaters, both take the same plugs. Yours looks like the RAK15, I got the 471012. This has a switch for two heat settings, heat or boil. 10 min to BOIL 4lt water, draws about 25A. Having 24V on board opens the door to a whole heap of cool nick-nacks.

Same as this one:
Title: Re: Three Pin Plugs
Post by: STDDIVER on October 23, 2018, 12:30:36 PM
Thanks Gentlemen - Will look at swapping over the compatible male bulkhead connector as the quickest fix - the idea behind the 24v boiler is that it can be operated on the move if needs be and when you stop for a break, the water is ready.  I agree Gunner,  24v does open up lots of opportunities and the FFR loves the use.    Cheers   STDDIVER