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Title: Axe, Timber, Specially Selected, AGK
Post by: Carzee on October 29, 2017, 10:21:07 AM
Australiana. There is no end - seems I was uneducated at school.

I obtained a  axe handle, unused, kept in store as a replacement in the event of damage to an axe from the gardening tool CES.

Sticker on the handle clearly says "AGK Mallet Products" and "Specially Selected Timber For Tool Handles".

I googled AGK Mallets and it turns out that South-West WA has a gumtree variety named "Brown Mallet" that is excellent timber.  Didn't know that -my teachers probably didn't know it either. I feel like a real city boy now.

AGK, a small business started on a farm in WA, was closed in 2006.

There are 4 photos of the maker, Arthur Hunter, dated 1974. Must be more to this story.