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Title: A new life for the tow truck
Post by: Dihusky on September 17, 2017, 10:19:59 PM
With the crane gone we can finally see what we have to work with and discover a few other things that have been done, like shortening the chassis by around 300mm and reducing the width by around 150mm, this I am not complaining about but I would like a full length chassis, anyway now to make things work as we would like.

Getting rid of the crane gave me a chance to do some 'horse trading' ending up with a set of free wheeling hubs, a pair of triple jerry can holders, rear steps plus some other missing bits, so all good and happy.

Big day today moving the rear winch from the front to the back, definetly welded to stay and took around 3 hrs of careful cutting to get it off, plus another 4 hrs cleaning things up, cutting extra steel, measuring heights and finally welding everything in place, once again it's not going anywhere! Also doors are insulated for sound and key locks fitted, so happy with the first steps. Now to get rego done, then it's long range tanks.
Title: Re: A new life for the tow truck
Post by: dugite on September 18, 2017, 07:40:46 AM
Lookin' good, well done, impressive rear winch mount, I like the D1 wheels - (they are good wider tubeless rims & I have used them on a couple of 4X4 Perenties).

Did the prior shortening of the overhang do away with spare wheel stowage ?

Title: Re: A new life for the tow truck
Post by: Dihusky on September 18, 2017, 02:25:17 PM
Warn M10000 is being cradled so it needs some guts! D1s came with the vehicle and yes the shortening did loose the sparewheel mounting, but have other plans for the spares, all 4 of them!
Title: Re: A new life for the tow truck
Post by: Dihusky on November 13, 2017, 09:30:27 PM
Been busy for a while so work has been restricted to the occasional Sunday, but finally getting the feeling progress is starting to happen. Tanks are in, a 120 litre diesel tank and a 70 litre water tank, fitted like a glove between the chassis rails, just waiting for the transfer pump to arrive to complete the diesel setup, plus had to work out which is the diesel return line into the tank so I cont cut the wrong one.

Winch is mounted and wired, fits well and the tray is on complete with tie down points. Plus progress is being made on the sound proofing, had a big session Sunday just gone, altered the seat position plus new mounts for the drivers seat, relocated seat belt mounting points etc. Now the drivers seat is central with the steering wheel and at a much better angle, even the wife likes the new position so all good!

Now for the dash removal and wiring mods, wish the wiring diags on this site were better quality when printed!