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Title: REMLR wiki - "help me please" thread
Post by: Carzee on April 03, 2015, 11:42:11 AM
REMLR wiki -  "help me please" thread.

If you have a problem doing something on Wiki, chances are a load of other people have the same problem.

So fire away questions and lets learn together.

And please don't think I'm the Wiki expert. But I have got a Wiki First Aid badge  :)
Title: Re: REMLR wiki - "help me please" thread
Post by: Carzee on April 03, 2015, 11:53:22 AM
To start things rolling:

1 The Heading Edit

2 Edit open

3 Adding [[ and ]]

4 Saving edit after preview

5 the title is now live ready to click

6 the page is now ready to start editing/creating

7 you can have 2 windows open, your edit page and someone's page as a helper/cheat sheet (just don't "Save" the page you have open as a helper - to close the helper window just click the right-hand-side-top "X" or go "back".)

Thats a help I hope.
Title: Re: REMLR wiki - "help me please" thread
Post by: Carzee on April 05, 2015, 10:49:09 PM
Here's another hint.

So you want to make a gallery of your vehicle pics...

So you upload about 10 or so of your size-prepped-descriptively-named-photos to make a gallery of photos of your vehicle. One vehicle at a time I think, if you own more than one that is, simply to prevent getting muddled up.

You upload, upload, upload... one photo at a time as required and the Wiki makes a new file page for each -- "But wait!" you say - "What was the photos' file address on wiki?" "How will I go back and get all those important photo addresses to make up a gallery?"

Wiki keeps a log of all uploads and edits, you go to that page in a new window, keeping your edit page for your gallery open.
Then you copy & paste the file addresses listed there on the "Recent Changes" report.
Easy! Wiki lists them all there for you to use to make a gallery.

Title: Re: REMLR wiki - "help me please" thread
Post by: Carzee on April 11, 2015, 11:46:57 AM
Another helpful hint.
I struck this error message myself about an hour back.

Problem: I was editing a page and stopped to have a cuppa. I resumed the edit process and then went to "Save" the page. The Wiki software must have a timer going on your editing because up popped an error message saying the session had timed out (see attached screen grab).

The message suggests going back to the edit page but that can upset some internet browsers or perhaps the Wiki itself and then you risk losing all the hard work you just did editing -- I don't want to risk that.

My solution: I went to the preview option and clicked to preview my edit. Up it came... and all ok. Then I clicked the "Save" button and the Wiki software successfully saved my edited page.

Reason: Perhaps the preview resets the timer or whatever, perhaps it refreshes a cookie, I don't know. All I know is this method, first preview then save, works if you have been editting a long time without saving.

[crosses fingers...]