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Modern ARN Ledgers


The modern ARN Leders are a set of ledgers starting in the early 1970's when the Australian Army moved from the Black AMF plates with white writing up to the 181-000 range of registration numnbers, to a fresh numbering scheme starting at 25-000 and upwards. These number plates were white with green writing making them visually distinctively different from their predecessors. These ledgers are not held at the Australian War Memorial and were thought lost until some time mid 2007 when I was contacted by a party who had some ledgers that were thought to be of interest to REMLR.

It transpired that a number of signicifant documents were amongst these large bound ledgers including a listing of all the vehicle Census Codes and the vehicle registration books for the modern 25-000 to 51-000 range of registrations. In 2008 when I visited I was able to take photographs of many of the pages in these books, or at least as many as my memory card a the time could fit. In subsequent years these documents were photographed by the party themselves and we were given a copy of those photographs.

REMLR that we will be uploading these documents in their complete form in the same fashion that the Australian War Memorial has done with the documents in their collection. Unfortunately the 25-35 range book is missing the later part of the ledger, and whilst I have photographs from 2008 to partially fill some of the gaps, it is unfortunate that we can not present a full picture at this stage.

So keep your eyes peeled on this page for more news and documents as I am able to get them online. Update: I am getting there now, however please note that most of these PDF files are over 40mb in size.

  • ARN Allocations from 1968 to 1990
  • Census Codes - Collated on the REMLR database here - Census Codes All
  • 25-000 to 35-000 ARN Ledger
    • This ledger is mising a sigificant portion from 28-455 to 35-331. At some stage between my first sighting of the ledger and the complete ledger being photographed this section has come free of the ledger and been misplaced. I had hoped to reproduce a complete document here but all I can do is put up the pages that I have combined with the digitisation to provide as complete a picture as I can, If you have photographs of any of the missing sections, or a two page spread of a page where I only have one side, please email me at
    • Part 1: 25-000 to 28-023
    • Part 2: 28-024 to 35-331
    • Missing sections
      • 28-455 to 28-635
      • 29-068 to 29-139
      • 29-320 to 29-391
      • 30-292 to 30-493
      • 30-544 to 30-702
      • 30-976 to 30-993
      • 31-027 to 31-191
      • 31-283 to 31-937
      • 31-948 to 31-983
      • 32-416 to 33-603
      • 33-892 to 34-575
      • 34-612 to 35-331
  • 35-000 to 48-000 ARN Ledger
  • 48-000 to 51-999 ARN Ledger
Richard Green


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