The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2 ¼ Ton Command Reconnaissance

The Australian Army took delivery of it's first Series 2 Land-Rover 88" regular, a fully imported unit, for testing and appraisal in 1958. ) According to AWM records it was chassis 142800001, with a 2.0 litre engine, priced at 1193 pounds with ARN 107-671 and a CoA registration C-67999

"In late 1958 the AMF commenced taking delivery of the new Series 2 Land-Rover after trials to find a replacement for the Austin Champ which had been in service since 1950. These Series 2 vehicles in SWB (some 1958 units had late Series 1 engines and some 1958 units had the O.H.V. Series 2 engine) and LWB (1959 models) were supplied with minimal modifications after assembly at Sydney's Pressed Metal Corp (CKD RHD kits from England)...

Very few photos exist of the Series 2 vehicle. however it does appear to be a standard civilian mode.

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This photo is quite a rare photo. The caption associated with this photo was 107-671, which makes it our first 88, a trial vehicle on loan ffrom the UK. In this photo being used for survey work. The photo was taken from the Army Journal and are from the Survey Corps.

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The same vehicle with it's commonwealth registration number.

Photo: Paul Handel



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